Christmas Photos

Had a great holiday weekend. It started with a fondue party with James and I on Christmas Eve whilst watching Its a wonderful Life. We love having a fondue but can't do it often cause its so bad for you. I think my arteries were screaming at me after this:

Christmas Day was quiet ...best part was going for a long 3 hr walk through Blackheath and Greenwich:


Christmas Holly---grows like weeds here.

Greenwich Park

We watched lots of movies, ate well, slept and checked out the Boxing Day sales. It was a fantastic, long weekend. Now, its time for clean-up and getting things done before we head out to Paris (which is our belated Xmas present to each other) on Wednesday. Can't wait. Haven't been back to Paris this entire year and its like visiting an old, dearly loved friend.


P.S.--don't forget to enter my Boxing Day giveaway. Picking a winner tomorrow morning (British time) and the more people that enter...the more interesting and fun it gets. :)


kara elmore said...

CHristmas holly?? I've never seen it!!! It's so beautiful .... and your pics are gorgeous!!!!!

Lori Ann said...

I've never actually had fondue. I'm scared of new things! Maybe sometimes that's not such a bad thing (although usually it is). I love your pics!