Giveaway Winner + Thoughts on the 29 day Give

First things first, went to Random.org to have them pick a number and it came up with the lucky number 7, so congratulations Cynthia. You just won a $25 e-card to amazon. I've just e-mailed it to you at boris.cynthia@gmail.com, so hopefully you'll find the nice surprise in your inbox when you wake up across the pond. :)

To recap/sum up my 29 day giving project... here's what I did over 29 days (pasted from my Twitter):

day29: Free Boxing Day Giveaway (Enjoyed this...will do it again!)
day 28: Made breakfast for James
day 27: Canned goods, food items for our neighbors in apt block.
day 26: handmade gift day...working on stuff for James and things for others for future.
day 24/25: Made snowflakes to decorate downstairs apt noticeboard, donated old stuff to Red Cross + donated to Odette in Rwanda.
Day 23: donated to a homeless chap.
day 22: Clicking like crazy (and for free) over @thehungersite.com
day 21 : Sent warm wishes to people who greatly inspire me on Twitter
day 18/19-- Going through all contacts +wishing holiday goodness +/or making amends for my wrongs I've done to them (long list).
day17: Got raffle tickets for Annual Menu for Hope.
day 16: put on a brave face +joined in-laws 4 lunch. I was kind, I was chatty + I did my best 4 James' sake
day 15: gave 50p to a lone teenage trumpet player performing Xmas carols @Borough Market
day14: bought a chicken through Oxfam unwrapped
day 13: Making cookies today 2 help 2 secretly shut up niece +nephew when they + other 'family' grace our presence this wknd.
day 12: Donated to provide musical instruments for women/girls in the DRC through city of Joy/vday.org
day 11: Found freerice.com and ripple.org where my internet boredom is being turned into food, water and money for others.
day 10: Promised James I'd stop complaining,panicking and being a scrooge for this holiday season.
day 9: wrote a much needed letter to my grandmother
day 8: donated £2.50 to Room2Read to buy books specifically for girls' education in developing countries.
day 7: Cleaning the house so James can relax better when he gets home.
Day 6: made a picture for this little one: http://www.29gifts.org/forum/topics/picture-appeal-

Day 5: Donated £2.50 to the World Food Program in honor of World AIDS Day. A lot of medicines have to be taken w/food!!!
Day4: X-mas card to NieNie 2 say thanks 4inspiration: http://nieniedialogues.blogspot.com/
Day 3: made paper snowflakes requested for a 25 yr old woman in a nursing home.
Day2: gave £1 to a homeless man
Day 1: Post Office + sending goodness.

Realized that I missed Day 20 as I was typing this out, so I just donated to my.care.org to buy schoolbooks for young girls. Ooops!

Thoughts on the Project--

Best Give: Canned Goods/Food to my neighbors. It was fun every time we left the flat to watch the items dwindle down. Some other neighbors even got involved and donated Champagne and stuffed animals. Felt great to help feed so many other people during the holidays.

Hardest Give: Sent apologies out to people I felt I had done wrong to or thought I had made uncomfortable. Got criticism for even trying this by some people that know me and some responses I received from recipients were not positive either. But oh well I guess. I knew it was risky to do it, but did it anyway.

What I learned about myself: That I need to do more of giving. I got a huge glimpse of how giving heals. I knew this anyway, but doing this project...you really begin to understand. James says these last 29 days he's noticed a 'shift' in me in the right direction. So...it would make sense to keep this going. I just need to find out more creative ways to keep 'giving' in my life on a regular basis. Maybe I'll start the project again or find someplace to volunteer in London? Must give this more thought for the new year.


I would love to hear any thoughts from you about the 29 day give? Did you follow me on Twitter these last 29 days? Are you inspired to start your own project in your own community? Do you already volunteer your time? Do you have ideas on 'free' ways to give?


Cynthia said...

What a lovely surprise! I woke up thinking this was going to be a good day and there you were in my email box.

When you come back from your holiday, I'd love to have you write a guest post for a blog I manage called GlobalShift.org - it's all about helping make the world a better place and your Twitter list was very inspirational.

If you're interested, drop me a line when you get back!

Have a wonderful new year.


PS - I can't believe To Kill a Mockingbird is on your book/movie list. I just wrote a piece about how that book inspired me as a person!

christine said...

That sounds lovely Cynthia...I'll e-mail you when I get back. :)

Congrats on winning!