the meaning of Christmas

The last week I've been stressing so much about seeing relatives. I've gotten into arguments with James, been quite angry with alcoholic gifts that they've brought for James that scream 'enabler', refused to meet up with them on Saturday night pulling a sickie, lost sleep because I was freaking out about whether the house was going to be clean enough or if they'd pull the white glove test like they usually do. My temper tantrums this week would seriously give any two year old a run for their money any day.

Funny how the universe works because for the first time in nearly 9 years we woke up to no power. It was very unusual for us as its not like there was a blizzard outside or anything, there was just no power. SO, I had NO choice but to go with James today to meet up with his parents. I'm sure glad I did because we had the most wonderful gift today from a very unexpected person.

We go every week to shop for vegetables at Blackheath Market. Just outside there's a Big Issue chap. Now the Big Issue is a weekly magazine that homeless individuals sell in this country as a way to NOT beg, but try to earn money to feel a bit more human again. Well, for the past year we've chatted to this homeless chap and gave him our small change every week.

Today he saw us coming and went to his bag and when we stopped to say hello, HE GAVE US A CHRISTMAS CARD. We were not expecting anything like this. Well...when we got into the market and opened it it was a huge thank you for what we did over the year.

Funny, I don't think I've ever had such a huge token of the Christmas spirit than that ever in my life . James and I literally were choking back the tears. What a huge gift. HUGE---like bursting hearts kind of huge.

I know we've had a rough year and aren't rich, but this really put things into perspective and frankly I've never felt more rich than I do today.

Anyway, lunch with relatives---I survived. I think what happened at the market softened my cold icy heart a bit.

I'm just grateful the power went out. I'm thinking maybe it should go out a bit more often.




Blackheath Bugle said...

Nice! The Big Issue guy always looks happy. Mentioned your post on my blog: http://blackheathbugle.wordpress.com/2009/12/13/public-loos-and-christmas-cards/

Deidre said...

Aw, that's so nice! What a beautiful gesture.

Happy Holidays.

Perth Hotels said...

For me that was sweet, I love receiving Christmas cards. Just like last Christmas i receive 20 cards from my friends and family.