All Grown Up

Watched the Goonies over the weekend (which NEVER gets old) and funny enough found this picture today of the cast who HAVE gotten older. I saw this in the cinema when I was about 10 yrs old and its a very fond memory:

before (I know the poster doesn't do them justice)

picture from here


double click to see better.
pictures from here

l to r: data (ke huy quan), brandon (josh brolin), steven spielberg (producer), mikey (sean astin), steph (martha plimpton), mouth (corey feldman), richard donner (director), chunk (jeff cohen) and andy (kerri green)

I also saw on Twitter (this weekend), Soleil Moon Frye posted a shot of her (in costume) as her former character Punky Brewster (another childhood favorite). Check this out:


afterpictures from here and here

Weird to see these people who played such fond characters all grown up. I think we secretly hope that they'll stay as we remember them. I guess that's what DVD's are for--an excape from reality and a chance to stay forever young.

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Chanda said...

Goonies is my all time favorite. I have the movie and watch it from time to time. Never gets old! And got to love Punky Brewster.