Haiti Earthquake

notre dame

My thoughts and prayers go out to those in Haiti at the moment. I often wonder sometimes why things of this magnitude happen to cause so much needless suffering. I don't really know if there is a justified answer: Science/just living in a bad locale, God, etc? I do wonder what God is thinking in times like this though. This is a huge trial for Haiti, but I bet this experience is for us too, to see how we respond and if we help or if we just carry on without giving others a second thought.

I was thinking about sponsoring a giveaway here to raise money for Haiti but its time consuming and they need help NOW. I honestly think the best and quickest way to help is to donate what you can afford direct to the aid agencies.

So, I've got two links here that I got off of Twitter if you want to help. If you scroll down you'll see lists of aid agencies and links that you can donate to. Even really TEENY amounts help and I promise those pennies will never be missed.

Here they are:

Haiti Earthquake Relief
CNN-impact your world

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