Monday Morning Chaos

Boy yesterday was full of Chaos. We woke up to a lot of water coming out of our ceiling in our kitchen. This picture doesn't do it justice. If you look at the ceiling and where it looks like there's bubbles..well that's streaming water. It went all through our kitchen and into our living room. Buckets and towels everywhere but it still couldn't keep the water from coming constantly for nearly 8/9 hours. Our ceiling in our living room and kitchen looks like someone took a huge 'wee' on our ceiling, we have a lot of cleaning up to do and we will have to replace cabinets eventually but it could have been A LOT worse. I think after a good clean our kitchen will be at least still usable until we can afford to re-do the kitchen. At least a portion of repair work will be covered by insurance too which is a bonus.

However, I think what made it worse than it should be was by the end of the day James and I hadn't racked up happy points for how we treated each other. It makes me sad because during chaos you need happy thoughts the most and it seems we go the opposite direction during stress.

I've been thinking a lot about yesterday and the lessons learned. You could easily say yesterday was a metaphor for the chaos my life is currently. I know that chaos never goes away and only changes scenery, but I at least want to handle things calmly in the eye of a storm for future. I do very well considering but I still can and want to do better.


Lori Ann said...

I'm so sorry about the water! I hope today is a better day.

Chanda said...

That is awesome that you could take something from that situation for future experiences. We can only do better if we recognize the things we can do better. There are things that I have been working on changing for 9 years or so and I have made a lot of progress but still have to put myself in check sometimes, especially when I am stressin. One of my goals in life is to actually be a wiser person as I get older and I know that will only happen if I put in the effort to learn and change. It always bothered me that some older people assume that they are wiser than young people just because they are older but that is not always true. I don't want to be an elderly person one day who has not put in the effort to be better and wiser. Admitting there is a problem is the first step, right?! haha well, I have rambled on and on......