Mourning Mildred

I'm afraid Mildred, our beloved pet duck has had the same fate as her partner George. I don't know what to say...I think it makes me angry that there's people out there so far disconnected from the bigger picture in life to do something like this. Mildred did nothing but 'just be' and bring a smile to not only James and I but local children who would come with their parents to feed Mildred and her duck friends. Since this has happened the wildlife avoid this pond like the plague because of the bad energy that's there now. It makes me sad that this has happened not just once but twice. Whoever did this though....can you say bad karma? The universe has a great way of repaying lack of kindness to anything and anyone. They will have their day and it wont be pretty. I am just glad that Mildred and George can finally swim together again in the big clear blue pond in the sky.

George and Mildred

July 08- Jan 10


Lori Ann said...

I'll miss the Midlred pictures and stories. Some people are just plain mean!

sherrie said...

now i'm sad. but mildred and george are reunited and that's happy.