Paris : 20 memories

Taking inspiration from Tara Whitney + Stephanie Nielson here are 20 memories from the last few days (30 Dec - 3 Jan) in Paris:

20. Seeing the big smiles that came to the faces of James and I when we arrived in Paris at the Gare du Nord.

19. Miniature jars of jams on the Eurostar and at the hotel.

18. Ice-skaters at the Hotel de Ville.

17. Eating too much french food and wandering the streets to come back to a roaring fireplace and jazz at the hotel.

16. Wandering into the Palais Garnier/Opera House for the first time only to find one of the most beautiful places we've ever seen.

15. Having ham sandwiches, dark chocolate, smoothies + Champagne for New Years Eve dinner in our hotel room whilst watching Scooby Doo 2 dubbed in French.

14. Getting up close and personal with about 5,000 other french people in the very teeny Trocadero Metro station on the way to watch New Years festivities.

13. Taking over two hours to get home maneuvering through thee most crazy street party Paris was round midnight.

12. Jardin du Luxembourg early morning--black and white pictures.

11. It snowed.

10. Notre Dame Cathedral- Meditating and lighting a candle in prayer for the new year.

9. Christmas Lights on the Champs Elysee

8. Eating Pizza slices from Paul's for dinner in the freezing cold sitting on a bench on the Champs Elysee.

7. The light on the Louvre, morning and night.

6. Kick ass lunches at Angelina. Finding out it used to be a favorite place for Chanel to think + relax.

5. Crowd surfing to see a little lady who goes by the name 'Mona Lisa'.

4. The Christmas tree at Galerie Lafayette

3. Dark chocolate, afternoon naps and catching up on my book in a quiet hotel room.

2. Even after nearly 9 years of going to this city and 1/2 dozen trips to the Louvre....we still found rooms we'd never seen before.

1. An incredible last night meal at Le Comptoir, wandering the streets of St Germain des Pres. Sad about leaving but smiling from ear to ear with memories, gratitude and eternal love for such an incredible city.


Lori Ann said...

It sounds like an incredible city! I hope I get to go there some day. I'm glad you had a wonderful time.

Lee Min said...

What beautiful photos and memories, Christine. You have made Paris sound so magical and special.

sherrie said...

love these pictures! amazing.