To the city and back

This weekend I saw purple carrots at borough market

rode the train and stared at the back of peoples heads

looked out the window

rode the 'tube'

passed by a 'Random House' on the way to the Tate Britain

Saw the amount of people trying to get home on the Tube and said, "Right we're walking to the train station"

Slept in,
watched very bad episodes of Wife Swap USA
and went for a lazy Sunday stroll through the park.

.....Next weekend, James' birthday festivities.


Anonymous said...

Loved the purple carrots! Amazing!

chumly said...

Actually that sounds like a pretty good day.

Celestia said...

I love your blog whenever I miss London I can just check your blog to get a taste of London and Europe and traveling in general.

Deidre said...

Great photos - sounds like a pretty great day :)