Art and birthday weekend

picture from here

Celebrated with James for a long birthday weekend. On Thursday evening we went to Jamie Olivers Italian in Canary Wharf and had a wonderful meal. Friday we went to the Van Gogh exbibit which ROCKED. I had no idea Van Gogh was friends with Paul Gaugin, did chalk drawings (see above picture) and was so influenced by literature and Japanese art. He was self taught which gives me hope in my own beginning efforts w/art (photography). He also sadly killed himself only after about 10 years of painting...talk about a God given talent gone too soon. After the exhibition at the Royal Academy we walked through Covent Garden (which I love):

street performer (he's on a unicycle)--double click and you'll see!

Friday evening we had a fondue whilst watching the season premiere of Lost (we're a few days off the US) and then yesterday and today we have been pretty darn lazy. I went to the market in Blackheath to pick up turnips for a black bean stew and had a very cold walk through Greenwich park. Tomorrow, back to the grindstone although I may treat myself to the movie 'Invictus' in the afternoon. Loving going to the cinema at the moment as its a cheap way to get out and enjoy myself.

Next weekend possibly a trip to whole foods, Richmond Park and the British Library.


sherrie said...

love the pictures christine. you are becoming such a great photographer. very jealous of the van gogh exhibit. i've seen a few of his paintings here in cali.

christine said...

Thank You Sherrie. :) I've got a lot of time on my hands to practice. LOL.