The Black Hole called Lewisham

Once upon a time, when God was creating the universe he decided to make a big black hole.

picture from here

On the other end of that black hole was a little town in the south east of London called Lewisham. Forever and ever stuck in 1960's (not the groovy version but a very depressing version) :

God decided to play a joke on James and Christine when they moved to London by putting this little town on their 'actual' postal address instead of the much cooler/hipper Greenwich or Blackheath Village only 10 minutes away by train.

No matter how hard God tried to fool us by putting in a church:

Nifty shopping

or pubs and open markets

It was still too depressing to go to besides the gym or occasional errand.

So, we beat God at this game and decided to lie through our teeth and say we live in Greenwich instead whenever everyone asked where we live.

I'm hoping in the afterlife God understands these teeny white lies. I'm sure he'd do the same if he ever spent an hour in Lewisham.

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Deidre said...

I think that's fair enough! although I kind of like the name Lewisham.