Cupid, Keats House and Chinese Lanterns

Happy Valentines Day. Single/Married/Divorced/Dating or whatever I hope that you enjoyed the weekend with the people you love.

I spent this weekend with James admiring the cupid statue in Piccadilly Circus:

Visiting John (the hopelessly romanic poet) Keats' house in Hampstead. Saw film props and costumes for the movie 'Bright Star' and the real life engagement ring he gave his 'love' Fanny Brawne.

Wandered through China Town admiring the Lanterns. Its Chinese New Years soon...the year of the Tiger I hear:

And lazily watching movies with chocolate on the side. Nothing says romance like a bit of dark chocolate with the Disney Classic 'Lady and the Tramp' and 'An Affair to Remember' when its raining and cold outside.


Sydney Shop Girl said...

I love your photos, Christine!!

Looked like a fantastic day. I must visit soon.

sherrie said...

i love china town ~ the one in san fran is great! looks like a neat day. how far do you live from all these sights?

christine said...

Hampstead is about 45 minutes by train and China town only 20. :)