Happy Birthday James

in Belize

Happy 35th Birthday James. Thank You for nearly 9 years of wonderful memories:

- The broom closet in Prague
- The train journey across Eastern Europe


- The first time we went first class on the Eurostar to Paris and never looking back since
- Being really sick in Egypt
- The look on your face when you met Drew Barrymore for real--your secret crush
- Meeting other celebrities with you such as Gillian Anderson (X files), Anna Paquin, Jake Gyllenhall, Michael Richards (Kramer), Matthew Perry, Richard Branson, Kirsten Dunst, chatting with Aaron Eckhart extensively about the endings to David Mamet's plays, seeing Madonna once about two feet away, Richard E Grant sitting in a cafe in Soho, the cast of Lord of the Rings, Judi Dench waving hello to us, Patrick Stewart (Star Trek) and his weird fear of pictures, seeing Cameron Diaz in a horrible hat--the list goes on.
- Snooker, Dr Who and Time Team...you really know how to torture a girl
- Blackheath Common at night and having to pee really bad
- Afternoon Tea at Cafe Florian in St Marks Square, Venice
- Queen's Day in Amsterdam and getting peed on by a drag queen
- Austria and climbing mountains and seeing my first glacier up close and then Sarah and Charles ruining it
- Paris New Years Eve getting squished in the Metro station
- Your parents....nuff said
- Wales, tea lights, fondue and BBQ's
- Nice, France...the beach
- Meeting my parents by yourself in Seattle
- Shooting stars on the felucca boat on the Nile
- You telling me to calm down in the middle of Cairo, Egypt because I was having an anxiety attack
- Bankrolling me A LOT more than I had wished over the years
- Snoring on the couch and then you waking up to say you're not snoring
- Teaching me how to make an omelette and me still freaking out when I have to flip it
- Introducing me to Leeks, Swede, Duck, Pheasant...the list goes on
- Meat and cheese boards
- Girly nights doing our hair and nails
-Your obsession with chocolate
- Socks, Dressing Gowns and Slippers


- Job searching, spending hours together re-vamping our supporting statements and CV's.
- Dharma and Greg
- Seeing art exhibits like Modigliani, Matisse, Frida Kahlo, Monet, Van Gogh and never getting tired of it.
- Theatre trips and me having to poke you to wake you up
- You being a member of the Conservative Party and me trying to be OK with that. (JK)
- You spouting off weird and random bits of history and information
- Hearing you laugh at the comedy store
- Your weird obsession with Monty Python
- Not getting your jokes ever, even after 9 years
- The Vicar of Dibley
- After like 5 years in between visits for Rome you knowing the directions to exactly the same ice-cream parlour we went to last time but you forgetting what I said 5 minutes ago
- Tag team dish washing
- Your hugs
- Hiking in the jungle in Thailand
- Carluccio's and Wagamama
- You picking out all the colors of our flat but you're color blind
- Your weird reading list of Russian classics
- Managing to be the only one on the face of the planet who can annoy you as much as I do
- Sunday morning walks through Blackheath and Greenwich
- Watching 'Bring it on' for the first time and the ethnic minorities winning
- Picnics in Greenwich
- Full English breakfasts with you at the Organic Shop in Blackheath
- Massages in Thailand, Morocco, England, USA and hopefully France
- Being my best friend through some pretty difficult times

....the List goes on


Thank You for all you do/have done. Have a great day and weekend.
Love ya always.

Christine xoxoxo

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Sydney Shop Girl said...

I love the new blog look, Christine!

Happy Birthday, James!

Lots of love
(a new blogger)