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When you're watching your pennies and the weather is rubbish its hard to get out of the house sometimes during the week. So, I'm a weekday home-body a lot right now but I'm ok with it under the circumstances. James and I have made quite a cosy sanctuary for ourselves in our little London flat. I don't think I've shown in great detail my 'flat' except for this post a while back so here's a bit of where I've been spending most my days. I may post more in the near future if the mood so takes me:

two bedrooms--afghans, 4 poster beds and original art collected from our travels.

hooks on the left- pier 1 imports, the one on the right from Paris- La Comptoir de Famille

clock from ebay, letters from London (inspiration via Anthropologie), picture of James and I- Morocco, vase Pier 1 imports (USA), heart plant- Vday gift

Buddha statue and Batik ball- Thailand, Picture and frame from Venice, red blanket-from a freezing Diana Krall concert, striped blanket- homemade by me.

yes we have hung art next to our shower. You cant see it but its a print of Venice. Very fitting with the water theme, eh? The light is in our living room (by laura ashley)

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Sydney Shop Girl said...

Christine, I love what you've done with your apartment. You have a great eye for the little details. I like that you have little personal stories behind the key pieces. Looking forward to seeing more.