Chocolate, Alice and Little Doggies

There's nothing like a bit of chocolate to ring in the weekend. For a chocoholic like me, the Southbank Centre's Chocolate festival yesterday was an absolute dream. Chocolate treats of all shapes and sizes, even chocolate sculptures and art gave the day a much needed sugar boost. Brought home plenty of treats for the Easter holidays.  I just hope that I can get to the gym this week otherwise my girlish figure will be rapidly decreasing.

yes these are chocolate

With Easter around the corner and the recent release of Alice in Wonderland, I thought this window display was uber cool. Reminds me of a similiar 'Alice' display I saw over at one of my favorite Paris blogs, littlebrownpen.

Wandering the side streets of this city, we looked around some lovely antique shops and rare book stores.  Love how in London I can find weird little knick knacks like the doggies below and a coveted first edition of To Kill a Mockingbird (I'm not kidding) all within minutes of each other. I love this city.

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Sydney Shop Girl said...

I love finding the magic of a city, too.

Great chocolate photos, especially. I love the shoe.

SSG xxx