Dr Who/Eastenders + non-transferable television

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I wrote a long time ago about how the U.S. and England like to steal each others T.V ideas. There's some shows that would never be able to translate across the pond though like Dr Who and Eastenders. 

Dr Who is a national institution that has been on for YEARS (since the 1960's). I dont understand the appeal as I find the show irritating and story lines silly.  But I dont like much science fiction anyway (unless it involves really hot guys like the last Star Trek movie).  I think they've tried to create a US version of Dr Who a long time ago, but it didn't work.  Not sure why.  I know that BBC America shows the English version.

Another national institution thats been around forever here is the soap opera Eastenders.  When I was still teaching, I had to teach the theme song to this on the keyboard to groups of 30 kids all day for nearly a month.  It drove me absolutely batty. Tried to watch it but found it completely boring and irritating too. Eastenders would never work in the US either.

The fact that neither of these shows would work is ok because they are culturally catered to England. I've asked Brits before if they've ever seen I Love Lucy (which is an iconic show in the US) and they've looked at me like I'm crazy.

Little things like this remind me all the time I'm in a foreign country. Oh what I would do to have an afternoon and a bit of TV Land. Maybe I'll check out LoveFilm (our Netflix) and see if I can find Lucy, Beaver and a bit of the Addams family to indulge in.

P.S. You'll have to excuse my sudden jump in wanting to blog more.  I need an outlet right now and this computer is the easiest and cheapest method to do that.  I also cant be bothered to fill out yet another job application and I'm avoiding the dishes (see yesterdays post). 

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Lori Ann said...

I frequently avoid doing dishes for as long as possible. Usually, when my husband mentions something about food and bugs. I know my dad likes Dr. Who, but I'm not sure which version. And he likes weird shows that no one else wants to watch. Maybe he should have been born in England! Keep up the blogging, I like it!