Photo Class à la Greenwich

I had the priviledge of attending an all day photo class this weekend with two local professional photographers Fergus Noone and Richard Riddick.  Enjoyed spending the day being creative although I spent way too much time worrying about the fact I don't own a DSLR.  I loved seeing other peoples photos, learned a few photo editing tricks and some technical stuff particularly looking for good light. Here are a few of my best pictures from the day:

This is the one I chose to get printed out professionally (we got to choose one as part of the class).  My other pictures are technically better in my opinion but I wouldn't necessarily want them hanging in my bedroom:




Looking forward to an online photo class in April too. Four weeks of learning something that I enjoy.


Sydney Shop Girl said...

They are beautiful!! Congratulations.

The online class sounds exciting. May I ask which one you're doing?

Thank you.

christine said...


Its uber cheap for what you get. Its 4 weeks w/Nicole HIll Geralut. She's mostly a commercial photographer but she still knows her stuff. It can be done anywhere in the world too which is a plus.

xoxoKrysten said...

Those pictures are amazing!

christine said...

Thank You!