Up and Down

If you visit London, be sure to look not only in front of you but up and down or you could risk missing something unique. 

For example, take this boring looking street.  City workers buying lunches, people coming and going.  But if you stop and look up at the building at what looks like the big blue polka-dot.  Yes the one towards the top....

you will see something much more interesting:

who wrote this little childhood favorite:

image via here

These blue plaques are dotted around the city and are hidden gems of history. They mark where famous people used to live.  In Covent Garden you can see the old flat of some of the Monty Python gang and just the other day, I passed by Charles Dickens place.  Too bad they dont live there anymore cause that would make quite the dinner party.

If you look down you can usually find some interesting views too.  Take this right next to the entrance into Somerset House (I was going to see this free exhibition).  Most people would never bother looking at this view as something of value especially busy,stressed Londoners. I rather like it dont you?  I wonder if a troll used to live under all these walkways?

So, it really does pay to slow down in a city like this.  To take it all in, the views in front of you, above you and below.  It makes things even more delightful than usual which I could definitely get used to.

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