Early Mornings and a bit of Grace.

The last few weeks I've been waking up with the sunrise just bouncing with energy.  In England with spring that comes at a lovely hour of 4.30 a.m.  Well, yesterday and today I've put this new found early morning energy into use and gone to my favorite yoga class in the entire world at 10 yesterday and a 7 am spin class today.  There's just something about exhausted muscles that give me a sense of satisfaction that I'm somehow making progress.

Today I also treated myself to a trip into the city.  I went today to avoid the inevitable maintenance works on the tube that seem to happen every bank holiday (this weekend being one of them).  I popped into the Victoria and Albert Museum to the 'Grace Kelly:  Style Icon' Exhibition.  They had a great collection of her dresses as Princess and Actress, some of her handbags and other accessories and the highlight for me was seeing the real Oscar she won for 'Country Girl'.  Cool stuff.  Felt oddly more girly afterwards and not sure if I should have been worried as I was one of the younger visitors attending amongst a lively group of baby booming and pensioner women clutching their handbags and reminiscing about the good old times. 

I like vintage and I like old movies and Grace Kelly fits both of these beautifully. I don't think people dress like this anymore which is a shame.  I mean the most talked about style icon of the moment seems to be Lady Gaga and I think although her style is innovative, its not classy.  Even if it puts me in with the pensioners I like ladies like Audrey H. and Grace....I mean who honestly looks this cool now days?

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Of course I hit the gift shops before I left which is a 'Christine' must whenever I see a bit of culture in the city.  I found this which when I save my pennies, I'll be getting.  I love old posters and there's something about this poster I kind of like:

For the rest of the weekend, its relaxation and hanging around Greenwich to avoid travel.  James is gone this week, so I may just pop in a girly movie (or two).  Sounds like bliss.

Hope you have a bit of bliss for your weekend.  See you next week.

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