Easter Weekend

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We're just ending our 4 day weekend here in the UK.  I started the weekend friday off with a trip to Debbie Allens broadway revival of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  It was an all black cast with James Earl Jones and Phylicia Rashad.  This was the first play I saw with James when I moved to London in 2001.  It was originally with Brendan Fraser.  Frankly this was a much more enjoyable version.  I dont remember laughing so much the first time or being so touched by performances.  James Earl Jones and Phylicia Rashad ARE brilliant stage actors.  You would not have recognized them if I didn't know them otherwise.  Adrian Lester, a British actor played Brick and I thought he was fantastic.  James didnt join me for the play.  It touches on heavy subject matter:  alcoholism, homosexuality, dysfunctional families all in a long 3 hours.  I didn't mind because I rather enjoyed having a much needed date night with myself. 

Saturday I went to Kensington Palace to see an exhibition called Enchanted Palace.  They decorated the inside with rooms dedicated to 7 different princesses that had once lived there.  Lots of fashion (including a gorgeous commissioned dress by Vivienne Westwood), art, live actors, etc, trinkets helped you figure out the names of the 7 women (including Princess Diana).  It was quite enjoyable and it was my first time inside Kensington Palace.  The gardens were of course divine, especially after the earlier rain.  I later met up with James at Whole Foods Kensington for a vitamin shop and lunch.

Easter Sunday and today I didn't feel much like trapsing through the April showers so I stayed home, watched movies, worked on painting the small bedroom (more on that to come), slept, ate way too much chocolate and hot cross buns and cooked my very first trout grougere for Easter supper.  Took me bloody ages.  Involved making a pastry (like a healthy yorkshire pudding) to go on the outside edges and then making a roux with the trout and watercress and gruyere cheese.  Julia Child would have been so proud.  James liked it and we served it with lovely baby potatoes and purple sprouted broccoli.

Tomorrow its back to trying to get myself back into a schedule and pressing forward again on things.  I've got an online photography class starting soon and music exams moderation again (which thank god is a chance to earn a bit of money) later this month.  I'm glad there's a few things to look forward to including maybe some sunny British weather?

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Sydney Shop Girl said...

Hi christine

Looks like a fabulous day.

My only Julia moment of the weekend was watching the film. Good on you for cooking in the spirit of the lady herself!

SSG xxx