Sun, royalty and a quiet city

Do you remember Mary Poppins and the east end characters with thick cockney accents dressed in funny costumes? Well they are real. They're called Pearly Kings and Queens and they've been a part of London culture since forever. Every 3rd weekend of the month they are in Covent Garden collecting money for charity and in October they have a harvest festival. It was a delight seeing them and my face beamed after I put a few 'coppers' in their tin and the chap in a very strong cockney accent said, "Thank you Darling...you're an angel tart". Any other country in the world I would think that he was hitting on me, but England it means nothing other than a kind hello.

Speaking of Kings and Queens, we had a lovely picnic in the Queens front yard round lunchtime. St James' park is in front of Buckingham Palace and its lovely. We rented a few deck chairs and had a snooze in the spring sun. It was GLORIOUS.

Today has been wonderful too. We walked through to Blackheath to the farmers market to do our weekly shop. They were having a plant sale. The market was busy and we had a lovely chat to our homeless friend Danny. Everyone seemed happy because of the weather. Its been sunny for the last few days, chilly but sunny and it makes all the difference in the world.

Another thing that has made this weekend weirdly wonderful is the quiet.  There has been no planes at all going in and out of the UK for the last few days due to the Iceland volcanic eruption.  I know that it has caused lots of chaos, but frankly its made London extra relaxing.  You can hear the birds better and its been amazing.  Who would have ever thought this urban jungle would sound so much like a real jungle with all the wildlife!


Sydney Shop Girl said...

What a beatiful afternoon out!

SSG xxx

Lori Ann said...

Beautiful pics (as usual). Your nap on a deck chair sounds lovely! Thanks for sharing your world with us!