Ugly Betty in London

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Of course I just hear about this now--nearly a week after the fact.  Apparently this last weekend Ugly Betty was here filming in London town.  Oh how I would have loved to catch a glimpse of them filming.  Instead here's some pictures from the daily mail:

I first wrote about the show back in 2007. I have never missed an episode since.  I honestly dont understand why its been cancelled.  It seems as if shows that have little substance (like never ending reality shows or these stupid crime dramas.. hello?) are favored over shows like Betty.  Its fun, its got a great message for girls and frankly besides Lost and Oprah its a show that I just refuse to miss.

I've been dying to find out when the final series will be showing in the UK (yes we havent even started it yet--ugh).  I've been hearing drips of story line through the internet (like she gets her braces off and Justin finally comes out!!), but I still be crying like a baby when I finally get to watch each and every episode of the last season.  Some have their love of 'Sex and the City'...for me its 'Ugly Betty'.

In the mean time, US watchers dont tell me what happens in the finale.  Hopefully the DVD will come out soon and maybe I'll just order it off the US amazon and watch it early.  The suspense is killing me.

P.S. Have a Happy Friday. I'm off to enjoy the spring sunshine this weekend.

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