Drama, Curry and the East End

Its Tuesday morning and I'm still trying to recover from the drama over the weekend.  James had a pretty rough weekend with drinking (as he does most weekends) and I'm physically and emotionally exhausted.  Its weird for weekends now cause I have to do everything possible to try to keep my head together and to not let what James is doing/saying get to me.  Its an incredibly difficult task, particularly cause my own spirits have been beaten so damn much out of me cause of my battle with long-term unemployment, etc.  I know he's picking up on my low spirit days too and it doesn't help things either.  We're both a bit of a mess I guess. Isn't everyone??

I do have a lot to be grateful for though.  I know that things could be MUCH worse than they are and I'm glad they are not.  A lot of wonderful things are coming up for me this summer and I know what I'm going through is temporary in the scheme of things.  I also know that I'm a lot stronger than I give myself  credit for.  Never thought I would ever be able to get through what I have and look at me now.  I should change my name to Xena Warrior princess.

I'm also grateful that in the midst of drama this weekend I got to see somewhere new we've never been.  James and I went to London's famous East End where Brick Lane, Whitechapel (famous for Jack the Ripper) and Spitalfields market are.  It was very hot this weekend but it was a great place to see a new side of London.  The East End is heavily populated by Indian families so when you walk down the street you smell the rows and rows of curry restaurants, hear Bollywood music and see the bright colors of the Indian clothes.  Sure its very run down, but its definitely worth it to at least pop over and see if you make it to the city.

Spitalfields is a shoppers dream.  Rows and Rows of THEE cutest clothes and boutiques ever.  I think everyday the market changes around things too (like Thursday is antique day).  One of London's best markets in my opinion. (Greenwich is the best I think but heck I'm biased).

Well, I'm going back to bed.  I'm a bit useless right now with getting things done.  Must rest so I can be productive again.

Lots of hugs to you.

Christine xoxoxo


Sydney Shop Girl said...

Hi christine,
Thanks as always for the lovely photos.

Hang in there and all WILL be well in the future.

Thinking of you always,

SSG xxx

LoveHeals said...


Your spirit is beautiful. Thank you so much for always posting such beautiful and inspiring pictures. I love that you never give up on life and always seek for the positive. :)

christine said...

Thank you both!!