Mid week colors

Been fighting off the blues all week.  Sometimes when I cant concentrate I spend way too much time on the internet.  Well today, I was perusing through my ever-growing blog feeds to take a break and saw these GLORIOUS pictures of a village in Greece by Stratis Vogiatzis.

Oh the colors!  They draw you in give such life to the place.  Just what a girl needs to see smack in-between a hard week of a serious case of the blues.

Just so you know..I'm on this whole 'blues' thing....and looking for ways to add a bit more color to my own life.  Its easier said than done and its not just a case of popping a pill or seeing a shrink.  I've been there/done that and they did nothing for me.

No, what I need is a complete demolition and re-model from the ground up.  A new me, with a strong foundation....not just another coat of paint to cover up things that are broken.  I've already started laying the ground work....with switching around some exercise goals to focus on the fun.  I've signed up to a yoga workshop with Seane Corn, going to see Jamie Cullum in concert, a running race in September and I'm off to see my family this summer which will be the first time I've seen them in over 3 years plus add in a little secret trip when I get back (I'll tell more later).   At the end of this month, I'm also doing another online class...but this one is a class using photography/writing in an efforts to discover the real you.  Trying to have things to look forward to beyond the painful process of being stuck at home applying for work.

I'm a work in progress, but I guarantee when I'm finished...the color in my life will be as bright and as beautiful as these pictures.

picture inspiration via PiaJaneBijkerk


Sydney Shop Girl said...

So many exciting things in your life right now!

Embrace it!

SSG xxx

BonnieKaye said...

Oh, how I'd love to go back to Greece. I didn't go to the islands when I was there and would love to check them out.

Olcz said...

oh, i like watching your photos! It look very amazing. I love it <3