A Mondo Beyondo Dream for James

James started a new job yesterday.  He gets to work here:

He landed a job at the House of Commons (the loving home of Big Ben and center of UK politics).  Its a long term (just over a year..maybe longer), part time position.  But with his other part-time work he's officially back in full time work which is a reason to celebrate. Its been over a year since he's had full time work which has been beyond challenging.

The reason why its EXTRA cool though is that working in the House of Commons has been James' MondoBeyondo dream since he was 11/12 years old.  He studied politics at school and has wanted this for over 20 years.  To top it off he's landed a coveted volunteering  position at Westminster Abbey to do on weekends.  So, I have no doubt that this is the beginning of wonderful things for him in his career and its proof that dreams REALLY do come true.

Now if I can just figure out how to deal with a boy whose now bouncing off the walls with excitement??

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Sydney Shop Girl said...

It is such exciting news!

So happy for the both of you.


SSG xxx