Not sure really what to blog about at the moment.  My life is pretty darn boring right now. So here's some random-ness from my life:

-The most exciting thing I did today was get my arse whipped in yoga class.  My gosh...I love that teacher.  Not in a literal sense (hahah..he's married with children) but in a 'Praise Je-sus' I've found your class kind of way.  I love moments like this when you know your in the exact perfect place the universe wants you.

- The weather is brighter and warmer.  I'm not going to hold my breath with the way the weather is here...but sheesh its nice we're nearly in summer.  Have wonderful things to look forward to in the next few months:  a yoga class with Sean Corne, a Jamie Cullum concert, a 5K running race, a 'unravelling' e-course, seeing my family in America with a few days in Paris afterwards (James' treat) with a organic plant based cooking class for a morning in Paris booked as well.

-We're up to our ears in asparagus.  Its right smack in the season for the UK.  Just finished some a few minutes ago actually as they are great for snacking.  They are beautiful with a bit of olive oil, lemon and freshly ground black pepper.  Yummy.

- James is seriously bouncing off the walls.  He got tickets today to see 'live' the state opening w/the queen herself in the houses of Parliament.  Its a big deal.  Its kind of like getting tickets to see Barack Obama give the state of the union address.  I'm happy for James.  He's waited a long time for this job and these opportunities.  I just hope it opens things up for him to stay permanently.  Having this dream job and it disappearing in a year would be hard.

- Watching a lot of inspirational stuff online.  I think my spirit these last 34 years has been beaten to a pulp.  Doing things to try to nourish me (hell I've got the time).  Been watching Oprah (see my last post) and the TED talks.  TED is so freaking cool....20 minute videos from the greatest thinkers, artists, etc of our lifetime.

-Can't wait till the end of Lost.  I'm getting fed up with it at the moment and I think its time for it to end.

-Loving watching 'Ruby' on the style network.  I can SOOO relate to her (albeit not the exact same weight she's dealing with).

- The birds outside are really loud.  Not sure if this has to do with the lack of planes with the volcano thing again, or cause they are happy its sunny like me.

To end being even more random here's some pictures I've seen in blog-land recently that have stuck in my mind:

I want to be the lady with the saddle back shoes...what a rebel.

This picture is beautiful...the colors....the girl!!

I love ducks and how adorable is it to have a duck say hello?

Hoping to have some of my own pictures for you this weekend.  (yes, I'm actually getting out!!)


Sydney Shop Girl said...

I love asparagus.

Aren't hard core yoga classes the best thing for both body and mind?

SSG xxx

Tree said...

I just ran across your blog and read this post. Love it! Great pictures, too. I had to laugh because my blog is full of randomness, I call it BriefRemarks because I could not settle on just one subject and time is precious with a hubby and three kids to look after. So, I understand and think it's a great post!


Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

Your blog rocks! wanted to visit you from the Flying Lessons e-course; I think I wrote down the right blog address? If not, it was nice to visit you- -Robin

christine said...

Thanks Robin!