Sex and the City 2: A Review

So yesterday I blow-dried my hair, put some lip gloss and mascara on and donned my most comfy over sized hoodie and converse sneakers and headed to see Sex and the City 2.  I got a few stares from the girl groupies cause I arrived alone.  The only others that came sans their best gal pals were creepy single men and retired widows looking for a bit more excitement in their lives.  A teeny part of me felt bad that I don't have gal pals to ogle the movie with but then I felt oddly free sprawling myself out on the recliner seats worry free about fashion, saying just the right thing or if I was eating too much popcorn.

After a very long session of pre-movie commercials the movie finally started.  Two years later the girls were in not much different places than the last film or the show (yes I've sadly watched both):  Carrie finally had her man but still wasn't happy, Samantha was still trying to find happiness IN men, Miranda wasn't happy in her job and Charlotte wasn't happy with finally being a mother.  So......to treat all this unhappiness they decide to go to Abu Dhabi in the middle east for an all expense paid $22k a night trip where (with a few twists and turns in the plot---no I'm not going to tell you everything) they end up leaving not much different than they arrived.  Cause you know happiness and who you are is about what you buy right?  For a person whose been trying to find work for as long as I have, I found the theme of  'You're only worth your income' a tad insulting.

Having been to several countries in the middle east and to Morocco (where it was filmed...not Abu Dhabi) I'm surprised that SATC was allowed at all to film there.  They did try to cover up a bit but still....sheesh it was so obvious that none of the writers had ever been to a Middle Eastern country before or knew much about Islam.  The idea that Burkas were bad and Western clothes were good was woven in between the lines.  Maybe the writers forgot to fact check that some women choose to wear them out of respect for their husbands and for themselves.

Anyway, I felt pretty empty at the end of the film.  Sure there were some fun moments that made me laugh (hello- Liza Minnelli!) and the clothes were interesting to look at (albeit slightly out of place sometimes) but I wanted more.  I wanted to see the girls actually dealing with real life issues that the rest of us girls deal with I guess.

Some will say well you don't go to Sex and the City to get substance---its all about the clothes, the men and the escapism.  Well true.  Part of the feminist in me is confused why I've even taken an interest in this franchise since the last film came out. Trying to figure out what real women are I guess and how I fit in to that picture?  I don't know and is it even worth thinking so much about it?   Honestly though there are more 'real women' on any episode of Oprah than these 4 gals of SATC.  I deserve better than to spend my time watching this.

So....gals save your money on this one.  Wait till Eat, Pray, Love comes out and see that instead.  You'll feel so much better about yourselves.  Trust me.

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Sydney Shop Girl said...

Hi christine,
Thanks for your review. You'll be happy to know that should I see it at the cinema, I too will be going it alone.

Though it sounds more like a DVD film for me.

I appreciate your angle and your observations are certainly my concerns too.

SSG xxx

christine said...


Ya, it may be a perfect DVD actually for when the Mr is away on business.

AshleyT said...

Just went to Morocco in March so everything was fresh in my mind and yes it is all very recognizable! The fashion was great but you know it wasn't going to win any awards...it's more for a fun girls night out.

christine said...

Yes, Morroco is great. I preferred some of the other cities to Marrakech (sp?) though. I found it hard to see how they treated animals in that city!

Emily said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I was always such a huge fan of the show, but for some reason can't bring myself to go see this. I had forgotten Eat, Pray, Love was due out soon! That one I do want to see.
Thank you for the reminder ~
~ I found you via boho :) ~