UK Election Day

Its election day here in the UK and I don't get to vote.  I've lived here for 10 years, but I don't get a say in things cause I'm not officially a 'British' citizen.  If I want dual citizenship it will cost me lots of ££ plus passing a very long boring test on details like when is the queen's birthday.  I'd like to see them ask most Brits those questions.

I don't understand the political system in this country....only 6 weeks of campaigning.  Sure its great in some ways (the US campaigning is WAY too long) but it makes it easier for all the candidates to avoid the questions.  Like the economy and jobs which the 3 parties are doing a great job of not answering.  How are they going to make all these deficit cuts without losing jobs??  Immigration seems to be a hot topic too.  I'm technically an immigrant and even though I'm legally in this country...I've often wondered if my current job situation is because when I open my mouth its automatically noticeable I'm different.  Britain doesn't seem to like 'different' and there's this worry that all the immigrants are taking the jobs.  Well, I'm proof that this just isn't true.  I would love it if I could get a job anywhere at the moment. Even if it means that I get a job no one else wants which is the only jobs I seem to have been getting these last 10 yrs.

James and I are on different political spectrum's.  I'm a Democrat and He's like an English version of a Republican...which ends up being a lot further to the left.  So he's voting for David Cameron today and if I had the choice depending on what the parties were saying...I'd vote Liberal Dem or Labour.  You don't necessarily vote for the person in the UK...you vote for change or the party.  That's why people like Gordon Brown and Margaret Thatcher ended up in power when they have/had the personality of a door mouse.

Anyway, interesting stuff being in a different country whilst they do their own version of a democratic process.  I'm pretty sure that David Cameron is going to end up getting in as the new prime minister.  Depressing stuff but it could be worse. The BNP could win who thinks all non-whites should leave the U.K.  I wish I was kidding.

Makes me grateful for the US.

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