Back to the USA??

I was asked whether I would ever consider moving back to the US in the last post.  I think this is probably my most frequently asked question I've had over the last ten years since living abroad. I've always answered it in live conversations never here. 

So....The answer is:  Not right now but I'm open to it in the future.

I've been in this huge state of 'flux' for so long that I've often considered throwing in the towel and thinking my life would some how be easier back in my home country.  Especially with the trials with James I've had many friends and family say its just not worth the stress anymore.  I've been told that well maybe a fresh start would be what I need.  Whilst I agree with them to a point, I think it would be exchanging one set of problems for another. Plus lack of concrete resources to start a new life is a big motivating factor too.  Picking up and leaving and thinking I can just move in with my parents with literally no money, no health insurance, poor transport access (no car), etc doesn't seem to be very nourishing to myself!! 

There also comes a time when you live abroad for so long that you become officially 'without country'.   You never fully fit in with the foreign country but yet your own country starts becoming foreign too.  Every time I've visited (this August it will be the 4th time in 10 yrs) normal things like shopping, the clothes people wear, the food all seems like I don't recognize it anymore.  People ask me where I'm from in America because my accents muddled.  When I was in the US last I said I was from London but I'm American as I was getting people asking if I was Canadian which I find kinda funny. 

Well anyway to get the point....if and when I did move back I would have to make sure to have everything in place otherwise it would be an incredible culture shock to me.  I know it sounds horrible to say that, but its true.  I've changed too much to just go back and pick up any ole life anywhere.  I can't do what I did when I moved over here (i.e. sell everything, move somewhere across the world with no concrete plan).  I have too many things now I couldn't bear to part with from travels and I don't want to spend the next 10 years flailing around again (like I have here) cause I don't have a Plan B.

If everything fell into place though:  the job, a place to live somewhere similar to London, the back-up/emergency funds.....etc....well then I may change my mind.  Right now though, I'm London bound at least for the near future I'm afraid.

Hope this answers your question!!


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Kerri said...

i'm sure the experience your racking up will lead you to exactly where you're meant to be!

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Thoughtful answer, christine.

Thank you for sharing.

SSG xxx

christine said...

Thank You!!

sterfryiv said...

Hi christine...you know I forgot all about blogging until just today, and I remembered I like reading yours.