England in Mourning

This morning on the BBC you would have thought the queen herself had died.  I've never seen such long faces splashed across the television screen.  If you haven't heard England lost to Germany very badly in the World Cup yesterday.  England has never won to Germany except in 1966 when it was the last time England won the world cup.  So they get a bit bent out of shape when they play each other you could say. 

I guess I don't understand England's obsession with football (aka soccer).  Its just a game.  A game though where super fans who never shed tears at the important things in life (weddings, births) but when it comes to the game...well if they lose they'll blubber like a school girl. 

When I first got here and taught my first class at an all boys grammar school, when it came time for introductions they said their name and what team they supported (Man U/Liverpool)....I'm not kidding.  Every class did the same thing and I didn't ask them for it.

I don't mind the youngsters getting excited, its just the adult fans that make me nervous.  England has a reputation for football hooligans for good reason.  A big proportion of England fans really give the game a bad name.  Some councils end up banning the England flag (except for the world cup time) out of fear it will cause trouble/violence.  Not great when you can't show a bit of patriotism for fear of a fine eh?  I don't think it helps that the game and alcohol are usually associated.  Alcoholism messes with your head and adding troublemakers to the mix makes things worse.

Not all fans are bad I should say.  I don't think its any different than the way American football is treated in the US and how the fans are.  The English just are more enthusiastic I guess.  I'm not surprised though with all this stiff- upper- lip- idness.  They have to have an outlet for all that pent up energy somewhere.

So England is Mourning (the USA too for their sad loss against Ghana)...but this too shall pass.  Life will slowly get back to normal....well until the next big game.


Kimberley said...

It gets out of hand here in the US too. When the Lakers won the world championship in Basketball (never got why we call it the world championship when us teams are the only ones who compete!)cars were literally turned over by overzealous fans - and then set on fire. Nothing like a nice bonfire to celebrate. I don't get it either.

I'm from dream lab - in case you're wondering who the heck I am just waltzing in and plopping myself down. :0)

christine said...

HI Kimberley!!!