My first Soufflé

Last night I ventured into pretty unknown culinary territory for me:  the soufflé .  You hear all the time that two of the hardest things to cook are a soufflé and a omelet.  Well, after yesterday I think I agree:

The ingredients are relatively simple:  eggs, cheese, milk and whatever you want to put inside.  The hard part is the bazillion step process that if you screw up just a teeny bit you'll end up with a sunk pile of goopy egg.  I'll spare you repeating the entire lengthy recipe here but here's what I did simplified:

After I did all my prep work (chopping, grating cheese, separating the eggs yolk/whites, etc), I pureed my main ingredient courgette (zucchini) the best it would go sans food processor.

I then made a roux (or a paste) with flour and melted butter.  Eventually I added the courgette puree to the paste.  Then once I finished w/that and took it off the heat, I added the onions/scallions, egg yolks and cheese (I used Parmesan) gently folding it in.  Then the tricky part comes.  You have to beat the living daylights out of your egg whites till it looks like whipped cream.  You then slowly work in the egg whites to the other mixture and put the finished product in your soufflé bowl:

Now I think I either screwed up the egg or made the mistake of moving the bowl half-way through (I realized I forgot to move the oven rack down...DOH!) cause my soufflé sank!  It tasted great, but it was supposed to rise a lot more than it did:

I was still pretty darn proud of myself for trying this.  We ate like at 10:30 at night cause it took so long but its all in good fun.  So..any ideas from those of you that have made one of these babies?  I would love to hear where I may have gone wrong or your tips to make a soufflé perfecto!


Recipe I used:  Zucchini Soufflé from The Food of the Mediterranean

Here's a great tutorial on Soufflé making (that I should have read!!) on 101 cookbooks.  At the end of the post there's a recipe.

Here's some more links for Soufflé recipes:

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P.S.  Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!


honeybee said...

I flew over from Flying Lessons to say hi. Congratulations on your first souffle! I don't know if I'll ever have the nerve to make one.

I browsed your flickr photos and am very impressed. I love your shots. Are you selling your work?

I hope you have a beautiful weekend!


christine said...

Wow thanks Melissa!

I was selling my stuff but got frustrated cause I didn't sell anything for the longest time...which is why I'm doing Flying Lessons so I can try again!!

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Looks delicious, christine!

I'm not brave enough to souffle.

SSG xxx