Sunny Days

Although there's something romantic about the rain, sunny days sure are a great treat in this country. Tuesday we had nothing but downpours so when the sun popped out yesterday I went and bought flowers for James and I in Greenwich.  I love purple and flowers that are purple make me beam from ear to ear:

I treated myself to lunch at Greenwich Market. Although the market is primarily a weekend thing, they do have some lovely surprises mid-week too (like food stalls and antiques). I tried a African raw vegan wrap and it was bliss. It had sprouted beans, veggies, hummus and I felt uber healthy after.  I may just have to go again today to get one cause I've been thinking about it since.

When James got home we didn't want to dirty the kitchen that I had spent hours cleaning earlier so we said to heck with a 4 mile run and took a nice long walk instead through Greenwich Park. The sun stays till nearly 9:30/10 at the moment so the evening light was really beautiful:

Playing Cricket

The trees in Greenwich Park

The herb garden

We then sat outside and enjoyed a nice meal at Cafe Rouge (not getting home till after 9pm--on a weekday).  It was busy because everyone knew what we did....that good weather in England must be taken advantage while you can. 


baresytapas said...

I entered this site by chance, but I found very interesting. A greeting to all the people who visit this page.

christine said...

Hello baresytapas!

Johwey Redington said...

Hi Christine! Hopped over here from Flying Lessons. Loved what you said about blog preferences. I totally agree! :D