What I like best about London

I've been asked another question...woo hoo!!  Its so nice to hear from people... keep the questions coming!

Q:  What do you like best about London?

Lots of things actually.  I think this city is different for everyone.  To me probably the biggest things are:

-The history

Everything is so old!!   I go for a walk in the park (Greenwich) and its been there since before America was even a thought.  Doing simple things start to have so much depth because of whose been there before me.

-The multiculturalism

 It was a huge culture shock for me when I came over.  If you're not used to being in-touch with so many cultures at once it can be overwhelming.  This city is represented by every country in the world and I love it.  The only city in the US that could even come close to having what London has is NYC.

- Culture/Arts

You always have a plethora of options to do for fun for whatever mood you are in.  I like it too because I feel like I'm being challenged consistently and progressing in knowledge and ideas.  I love how 20 minutes away I can see an original Monet in the morning and see great actors like Kevin Spacey in a play in the eve.

- The Green Spaces/Nature

Oh my do the English know how to do their gardens and their parks are no different.  There's an astonishing number of parks in this city and they are all WONDERFUL.  My favorite is Greenwich Park...but they are each unique.  I also love how even in this huge city nature is alive and well.  You can't live in the city without seeing/hearing loads of birds, spotting foxes, ducks, herons..the list goes on.

-The thinking

Europeans have an interesting way of approaching life.  Its generally a lot more relaxing than the way Americans approach things.  I like that.  I also agree with a lot of the political ideas like environmental conservation, health care, etc.


London is so close to a whole new set of countries.  Its a perfect location to hop over to mainland Europe or even Africa.  It only takes two hours to get to Paris and its cheaper for me whilst living here to visit than if I was living in the US.  For the amount of time it takes to fly across the US....I can be in Egypt.

-The weather

Don't laugh but I kind of like the dreary/gray weather this city has...only because it makes the sunny days even better.  Londoners have a spring in their step on sunny days and its wonderful to watch.  I also like the rain because this city wouldn't be such an emerald green without it.  Yes...all this rain has a plus side.

Its hard not to like this city.  I do love it and I feel so grateful that I've been here for as long as I have.

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