Deptford: the Wild West of London?

Apparently last year the NYT did a travel piece on Deptford.  They said that it was edgy and definitely 'the Wild West of London' (Well the SE).  There was a big hoopla over here in the Daily Mail and other news agencies saying how you've got to be kidding, how could you ever tell people to visit someplace as run-down and depressing as Deptford.   Well, considering I live about a 15 minute walk from Deptford and I've frequently walked through it to pick up packages and get to Greenwich I'd have to agree that it is not something to write home about.  I'd never go there at night and unless I have to go through it, I'll avoid it.  However, I do agree with the NYT that there is an 'edge' and 'charm' to it as well and its at least worth a one off visit (on a Sat morning if you can).  I've been to some pretty posh destinations in my years of travelling but I've seen extreme poverty too.  Often its the unpolished places and off the tourist path that you learn more about a country and that end up sticking in your mind the most:

 (All photos taken on the way to pick up a package)

P.S.  Here's another post of mine that has pictures of Deptford.

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