Eat, Pray, Love on holiday

I saw another trailer has been released for this film. I can't wait. When I go on my trip to the US/France in about 3 weeks I'll get to see this in the states with my mum before it comes out in the UK. I'll probably be a blubbering idiot through the whole thing. Maybe this is what its like to be a 'Twi-hard'? What should I call myself an E.P.L.-junkie?

I'm hoping that there will be a UK premiere for this flick in the city and that I'll get to go and be wild and crazy and stand in line for about 6 hours for the chance to possible meet Javier Bardem and Julia Roberts. Its been a while I've been to one of these, so maybe I need a bit of screaming girls in my ear for a few hours for a good time? I'll be standing there like a real book nerd...but can you imagine having all those sig's on my little ole beaten up copy of E.P.L? Maybe I should get one done for e-bay?

I don't know what it is about this story that has hit such a chord with me. Its in my top 5 favorite books of all time. I think its kind of a combination of being able to relate to finding yourself through travel, relationship problems and really not knowing what the hell to do your life. I think Liz Gilbert puts it in such a way that makes you want to be a better person too through her writing. I hope to be able to write a book like this...that inspires and connects to people one day.

Anyway, I guarantee you'll be hearing about E.P.L. on this blog again in future.


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Kerri said...

i did enjoy the book when it first came out- i read it one summer when taking care of a neighbors pool that was like a little oasis. and i spent hours by that pool, and the butterfly garden reading that book.

i'm interesting to see how julia roberts does. i felt like i was friends with e b/c she wrote so openly and honestly so it's weird that a movie start is playing her!