How Photography can Make a Difference

This has been making the rounds on blog land. I've already put it on my Facebook....but I like it so much I'm putting it here too.

I once thought photography was just something you avoided at family get-togethers and vacations but these last few years I've discovered it can be quite healing. Particularly the last 8 weeks, I've been doing an 'Unravelling' course which uses photography and writing to discover yourself, build self-esteem and heal. Its been changing my life in a big way. So hearing Jen say what photography did for her and those around her...I'm not surprised.

I do like what Jen says about when your heart opens your photography completely changes. I've noticed this with my pictures....the more I allow myself to connect and to open myself to gratitude and love....the more my pictures speak that too.  The technique comes later.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the video.


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Veronika said...

Beautiful story, and I think it's relevant to any form of art that we create. I think this is why so many artists maintain that being authentic and true to yourself is the most important aspect of their creating process, creating art that comes from the hart.