A little bit of Monty Python goes a long Way

There's nothing more British than a bit of Monty Python. James happens to ADORE this franchise. His collection of memorabilia is huge and James can quote all the Python sketches and films by heart. Well, when I heard that Michael Palin (part of the Python gang) was doing a book signing....I convinced James he just had to go as he's never met any of them.  The tickets although they included dinner were enough that James just went by himself to save a few pennies.  I stayed up till nearly midnight waiting till James got home to hear about the evening.  Based on the huge smile on his face it was well worth the £40.  I think there's something about getting to meet one of your childhood heroes that tends to make you want to burst with joy.  James really needed this which made this ole' girl smile too.   

James wasn't able to get a picture with Michael Palin, but got some general pics, managed to have a nice chat with Michael and get a book signed.  These pics aren't the best quality (James took them) but I thought I'd share them anyway: