Running and July 4th Expats

Its been quite a busy weekend. Saturday I did my 10k race for Run for Women Congo/Women for Women International. The heat made it pretty darn tough. I ended up accomplishing my goal of raising £150 though and I got some amazing exercise in the process.

The race was held in Regents Park in North London and it was gorgeous. I've been there before but I managed to notice things I didn't the last time:

Today we joined about 1k other US expats for an afternoon of music, picnics and American food.  It was nice to be around other Americans for a little 4th of July celebration even though the heat was unbearable.

Overall an enjoyable weekend. Would love to hear about what all of you have been up to the last couple of days!!



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Sydney Shop Girl said...

Glad you were able to observe the 4th Of July in London, Christine.

Excellent effort on the run and fundraising.

SSG xxx