Save Greenwich Food Court

Recently we found out that Greenwich Hospital Trust is trying to close down a large portion of of the food section of Greenwich Market.  There's been a lot of speculation for the real reasons why this is happening but its almost certain that its due to money and plans for redevelopment.  It bothers me when an organisation who clearly has never set foot in Greenwich and has no idea about the market or what it means to the locals (and tourists) goes in and wants to destroy an integral part of the village.

James and I love Greenwich and the market.  We shop there all the time and the food court is the best part.  I know for a fact a lot of tourists just come for the food.  I even remember seeing some stalls being awarded a Local Food Hero mark by the British Chef Gary Rhodes.  The stalls offer something that the outlying restaurants do not....good quality, unique, fresh, inexpensive food.  If the food section is taken away, it will most definitely kill the rest of the market and one of the main tourist draws to Greenwich village.   That is something I don't really want to see happen.  I have a lot of wonderful fond happy memories from my times in this market. 

I am all for refurbishing what's already here so that it will last...but redevelopment to a World Heritage Site?  Preservation not Desolation is what I want to see.  Profits not put ahead of community.  Sadly this happens frequently to treasured sites doesn't it?

I'm just one person though and these are just my opinions.  There's been a petition circulating the market and online.  You can sign it if you'd like...Here's the link.  I sure hope the petition will stop this stupidity otherwise our lovely weekend walks mixed in with the market will get a lot more depressing.

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Sydney Shop Girl said...

This is so sad! So many people's livelihoods will be lost. It's a part of the fabric of the community being ripped away.

Best of luck with the petition to keep the food court open.

SSG xxx