Summer Inspiration

One Blue Wren.  Polaroid available for purchase here.

The weather in London has been hot/humid but glorious.  Looking forward to the weekend.  Have my race tomorrow (there's still time to sponsor me!) and then Sunday I'm going to a 4th of July picnic with about 700 other American expats.  Yes, Christine is being social!
Hope you have a great weekend.



Veronika said...

Hope you'll enjoy the time with other expats :) I'm also an expat (from another European country, not US) who came all the way to UK over 20 years ago and never left, ah well, never mind.
Read your About page, thanks for reminding me about Grandma Moses, although not yet as old as her when she discovered painting I'm hopeful I might just about get good at it at some point before I get to that age :)

Mariella said...

very nice choice of pics! You have a cool blog! Mariella, fellow Unraveller;-)

christine said...

Thanks for stopping by Mariella!!