What I'm Longing For

A vacation....a really long one. Start off in Paris, go to the South of France...move to Italy and spend like 6 weeks in Italy eating gelato and pasta.
A new pillow.
A good nights sleep.
My own money....enough so that I can finally make my own decisions about my life.
A job that will make me beam from ear to ear when I get up every day and makes me feel like I have a purpose finally.
A garden where I can sit outside for a cup of tea.
Girlfriends to go out and have fun with and who won't leave me if I'm having a rough time.
A house with a room full of books.
To go to this place again.
A DSLR camera that is good enough I wont need another one for a long time.
Courage to do things that I don't want to do.
To make a difference in this world.
People to stop judging me or taking offence with things I say so darn easily.
A family that loves me unconditionally. 
A pet dog or cat.
The good days to outnumber the bad days.
A clean house.
A big bowl of soup with nice warm squishy bread. 
A big warm bubblebath (our water heater fixed).
To be able to forgive people easier.
Long walks through the park.
A no fly zone over London again so I can hear the birds.
A big huge gooey chocolate brownie that wont make me fat.
To be healthy on the inside and out.
To be happy with simplicity and quiet and with myself.
A good hearty laugh session.
A long session watching Old Movies.
A relationship that is nurturing and happy.
For people to like me.
Good Hair.
A big fluffy duvet day.

As inspired by Jen.


Veronika said...

Can I signed up for this list as well? :) I do have some of the things on that list already, well, I definitely have a cat and she's lovely, so I can at list tick that off the list, might have to work a bit more on the rest :)

Amelia said...

just for tonight, I will be your fairy godmother and may all your wishes will come true :)


AngelaVL said...

Great list. There's quite a few things I could add to my own. A vacation in Paris, a good night's sleep, girlfriends to go out with, courage, a clean house (that may never happen with young kids)... Thanks for sharing!

christine said...

Thank You girls!!

Erin said...

I hope that at least a few of the things you're longing for are just around the corner. You sound sad.

christine said...

I probably was a teeny bit when I wrote it Erin. Everyone has their sad days. The last few years have been pretty damn tough...but I do have long lengths of good days too where I can't stop smiling!!