Jamie Cullum at Kenwood

For August Break

Although still not feeling amazing, managed to get to a Jamie Cullum concert at Kenwood House, Hampstead yesterday.  Funny I hadn't really heard much Jamie Cullum but heard he was a Jazz singer so decided to go (sans James because he's really sick now too) just to do something different and be around music again.  I think Jamie is one of those that out of 10 CD tracks, you play over and over the last track.  He's a mixture of Jazz, blues and pop although I think he's best at jazz.  Not surprising I only really liked his jazz stuff and an amazing rendition of 'Moon River' (his wife's gran is the recently deceased Patricia Neal who was in Breakfast at Tiffany's).  It was still a fun night out anyway and I'm glad I went though.  Next week America, then the following week is France.  Not sure how much I'll be able to post, but I will definitely try to do as much as I can.

Hope you are all well.



Anonymous said...

Ooh I was at this too! Wasn't his "Moon River" amazing? I liked the stuff he did with his brother too...

Just stumbled on your blog via Susannah Conway's "August Break" and couldn't *not* leave a comment when I saw this ;) Nice to meet you! xxx

christine said...

nice to meet you too! Come back again! :)