Seattle and Flying Fishies

For August Break
You can check out the flickr pool HERE.

(Seattle Skyline and Pikes Place Market)

Because of really big transport issues I wasn't able to stay in Seattle as long as I wanted to and meet up with all the people I wanted to see.  However, I did get to the city for an hour or so.  It was nice to see Pikes Place Market  (and the flying fishies) again after so many years.  I know its touristy as heck, but it was still nice.  It reminded me of London with the fruit and veggie stands and the buskers (street musicians).  

Speaking of London, I'm really starting to miss it.  I've had so many people ask me this trip whether I'd ever move back to the states again in particular maybe Seattle so it would feel like my life in London I guess.  I've addressed the answer before on this blog but after spending time here in WA and in Seattle I'd have to say I don't think I could ever live here again.  Its not me anymore.  Its a different 'past' life and I'd be going backwards in a big way.

Although I don't know if I'll stay in London forever....right now its my home.  I wish I could be more settled when I'm actually there though.  I worry too much about my future but right now my present moment is my life in London.  Leaving is something I need to get out of my mind...at least for the short term.  I've got so many wonderful experiences in London being given to me on a daily basis.   I'm meant to be there, I really am.

This is the last post for a while as tomorrow I leave for Paris and my computer access will be limited.  It will be so nice to see James again and to see my favorite city in the world.   We've got a cooking class planned and lots and lots of lazy cafe stops.  It will be great to de-stress there before I head back home.

So see you in September!

Lots of Love



Jude said...

I've been a nomad too, and it seems my homebase changes every 6-12 months. I like your open, positive attitude about being wherever feels "home"...never know where it might take us :) Have a lovely wkd.

sherrie said...

i love going there when i visit washington. hope you have a great time in paris, i love seeing your pics from your visits there.

Kimberly June said...

Great pictures, I need another trip to Seatown soon.