Eat, Pray, Love: The Review

**May contain spoilers**

Here's my review of Eat, Pray, Love finally, considering I've talked about it so much on this blog.

Enjoyed the movie, but the book was better (they always are).  I would give it 3/5 stars.

Casting choices:  Julia Roberts great I think as Liz, Javier Bardem fantastic as Felipe.  Indonesian chap who played Ketut even better.  Richard Jenkins as Richard from Texas, perfect. 

Favorite quote from the film:  "Ruin is a gift"

-Too much time was spent on Liz's falling apart after her divorce.  The book is about Liz's journey to heal herself and I think this aspect was rushed.
-The spiritual depth of the book was really missing from the movie.  It felt slightly empty throughout.  India was supposed to be the most spiritual and healing, but the movie left out one of the most important parts of the book....Liz finally conquering the meditation and feeling the hand of God.
- Richard's story he tells Liz in India is powerful and a tear jerker.  Apparently its true.  When I went to the discussion w/Liz Gilbert here in London she told us about this part and how the director phoned the real Richard from Texas and asked him why he was there and what's in the movie is his real words.  Its made more powerful given that the real Richard from Texas passed away a few months ago.
- Italy was well done, but please cast people who can do accents.  A couple of the supposed Italians were obviously American trying to do accents and the Swedish friend should have a Swedish accent not American.
-Bali is beautiful.  I want to go there now to visit and see those markets!  Again....the chap who played Ketut fantastic....Javier Bardem great.
-Didn't think it was necessary to throw the naked chap in on the beach in Bali just to show that Liz had moved on from bad men.  Again this is where the spiritual aspect missing from the movie would have explained her changing more.
- The last part of Liz at the last minute not sure about being with Felipe was so Hollywood.
-Sometimes the movie felt too long!  The book you couldn't wait to find out what would happen to Liz....the movie I checked my watch sometimes.  That's not good for someone whose read the book twice!

The criticism I hear often of this movie (and the book) is that Liz Gilbert was self absorbed by taking a year out to go and work on herself.   I wonder if that criticism would be there if Liz were a man.  I think the fact she did go and work on herself is why this book has resonated so much with women and has become an international best-seller.  Women need to do this more and realize that selfish is not a bad word.  Women give too much before filling their own buckets first.  This movie/the book was great in showing that girls can go and discover their bliss too.

I will definitely see the film again (even though its not perfect) and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a great escape.  Be sure to read the book though to fill in the gaps!

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