Last Day

On all our trips the last full day has always seemed the same.  No matter where we're at in the world we've had this sense of gratitude for our experiences mixed with a deep longing for them to not end.  Our last day is always hard to not be melancholy.  The challenge is to allow ourselves to be 'present' and enjoy the moments we have left.

I've heard that the best trips are those that leave you longing for more.  Paris has always done this for James and I.  There's something so natural and easy about being here which is why we have come back again and again.  I've often wondered if in a past life we lived in France.  I can imagine myself having been a jazz age singer singing in the sultry bars in Paris, dressed to the nines.

I read in a book once that you must allow yourself to let go of things you've loved, to make room in your heart to love things new.  Well, reluctantly I will do that tomorrow morning when I board the Eurostar home to the UK.  I know that this wont be the last time I see Paris.  This city is too far wedged into my heart for that to happen.

Have you ever fallen pretty hard in love for a city?  I would love to hear your travel stories in the comment section.

Pictures to come soon.




Jude said...

A lovely post and tribute to a place you love. I relate to that feeling - I fell hard for New York City and Paris too (REALLY hard, I moved to NYC to pursue my love :)...still working on the Paris bit!)

christine said...

Thank you Jude. :)