London Premiere: Eat, Pray, Love

Liz Gilbert and Brigitte Nielsen getting interviewed.

Julia Roberts + Richard Jenkins

I haven't been to a premiere in London in years.  The reason why I've been avoiding premiere's is you have to show up ungodly early to get a spot, your feet feel like they are dying, you have to forget about even going to the loo, you get shoved and grabbed in ways that you never knew possible and you're just not guaranteed of meeting anyone or seeing anyone for more than 5 minutes.   Several hours of waiting for 5 minutes of possibly seeing someone doesn't seem worth it sometimes.  But, I decided to just suck it up and go this time because I'm such a huge fan of the book.

As far as premiere's go this one was pretty small.  No Javier Bardem (sigh), no James Franco....just Julia Roberts, Richard Jenkins, the director Ryan Murphy (who apparently has something to do with Glee?), Elizabeth Gilbert and Brigitte Nielsen (who I swear was Annie Lennox when she got out of the car, but turned out to be someone that was in Rocky IV and used to be married to Sly Stallone??).

I didn't get the signatures I wanted or to meet Julia or Richard but I did get to see them fairly close and get a few shots which was fun.  Now if I can finally see this movie!  Never got to see it in the states, so I've been patiently waiting! 
So, before I go I've got a little surprise for you.   I'd like to give away ONE copy of Eat, Pray, Love signed by the author Elizabeth Gilbert  (last week at her discussion).  I was hoping to get more than one signature for the book (i.e. Julia +Javier), but I was unable to sorry!! 

I'm doing things a bit more different for this giveaway.  To enter you can do the following:

  1.  Tell me how this book has resonated with you or inspired you in the comments.  I'm always interested in hearing about the journey of others.                           
  2. Put a link to this post on your Facebook, Twitter or Blog  (doesn't have to be a fancy announcement).  Come back here and post your link in the comment section.    
  3. Make a donation to Room to Read.  They are an international literacy organization that does incredible work improving education and access to books worldwide.  They do particularly awe inspiring work with girls.    Donation can be any amount you want.   Please cut and paste the e-receipt from your donation and forward it to me (See contact page).  It may be helpful if you post back here in the comment section that you've made a donation and sent me an e-mail so I can look for it.     
Each separate task completed from this list above gets you one chance to win.  Maximum of three chances/entries per person that will then be put into a hat.   One winner for the signed book will be announced here on October 1st sometime in the morning (London time).  Hope this makes sense!

UPDATE 1/10/10....Contest now closed. 

**Please note this giveaway is sponsored by myself only.


Sydney Shop Girl said...

Great photos. I am envious of your proximity to London premieres.

Isn't Julia just so radiant these days?

SSG xxx

christine said...

I think Julia's really found her bliss recently...which helps with the radiant factor I think. :)

Jude said...

These are wonderful! (I too am envious you got to go! :)). I've really enjoyed Richard Jenkins in his last 2 major film roles, and it was a treat to see him here (along with Julia of course!)