My first Real Polaroids

When I went to the states I bought a Polaroid one600 classic camera and some packs of film from the Impossible Project.  I've been ogling Polaroid blogs for so long (and making fake ones with Polaroid.net)  I thought why the heck not and with the exchange rate it was the only way it was  affordable for me right now to get started with the world of Polaroid.  I really actually wanted a SX-70 camera because they are an SLR camera, but I got this one to start me off (plus SX70's are £300 and that's nearly three weeks of groceries!).  I have a feeling instead of cats when I get to be an old lady, I'll have a dozen or so various digital, vintage and Polaroid cameras round the house.  Just hope that I don't have to wait till I'm an old lady to actually get these cameras I'm dreaming of. 

So, being caulky I thought taking Polaroids would be a lot easier.  Its not.  My camera being the Polaroid it is cant focus so I have to make sure the point of interest is not too far away or too close.  The film I got was expired Giambarba film and Impossible colour film.  The Giambarba not a problem except its expired and with expired you never know what's going to happen....goes extra dark, pink lines, etc. etc.  The colour film I was told worked in my specific camera but it doesn't so I've been experimenting with it...putting filters, plastic bags (best pic yet actually), adjusting the exposure.  I guess this is the beauty of polaroid, the sheer unpredictability of it.  I just wish the film wasn't so darn pricey, hard to find and the fact I've wasted SO many shots just getting the hang of it.  I'm now exploring the Impossible Project's black and white film (which should be easier I think)... so pictures to come eventually when I stop freaking out about messing up or wasting a shot. 

I know I shouldn't whinge (Brit. for complain) about it cause its something I've never done before.  I guess I honestly WAS surprised that this was as hard as it was.  The whole point and shoot thing registered with me was being EASY, but its much much harder than it looks.   So I am totally in awe now of the sheer talent of anyone who can pull off a decent Polaroid.  Here's a few amazing Polaroid photographers for you to ogle:

 Nectar and Light
Mocking Bird
Susannah Conway

And finally here are my first real Polaroids.  The first two are from Paris, the last are from the US.


Not bad for using a plastic sandwich bag as a filter eh?

exposure/blacks/brightness adjusted


Jude said...

These look lovely, I think you've got it down :)

christine said...

Thank You!