Paris: Home Cooking

Well I'm back after nearly two weeks.  Its weird being home and  thrust back into having to do stuff like take out the rubbish and dishes again.  But heck even if I lived in my two favorite places on the planet: Paris + Venice...eventually I'd have to take the rubbish out there too.

The pictures above are of an absolutely wonderful experience we had in France:  an organic plant based cooking class.  I know there is more 'proper' French food classes out there, but we wanted something healthier than the typical cream, meat and carb based classes you would get in Paris.

I found out about La Cucina di Terresa from a random food blog.  We cooked with Terresa who has been a US expat in Paris for 15 years.  She welcomed us into her Bohemian Paris flat and had a lovely day chatting about everything under the sun and cooking.  It was more like spending the day with friends than doing a formal class.   The food was exquisite, healthy and so filling! We had no need to even eat dinner because we were so full from our 4 course lunch.  James and I both agree that it was up there with some of the best experiences we've ever had in Paris and that's after almost ten years of coming to the city.   I adore having experiences like that.  She teaches cooking in the Loire Valley as well in a little farmhouse.  Who knows, we may just have to take a class down there with her too.

Lots more pictures of Paris to come this week!


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