Paris: In the Garden

We explored two 'Jardins' (Gardens) whilst in Paris---the Jardin des plantes and Jardin du Luxembourg.  Both very near our hotel, both gorgeous.  We ran around Jardin du Luxembourg one bright early morning with a whole bunch of very fit Parisians.  If you ever wonder how the French stay so thin with all that cream and carbs go to one of their parks any morning of the week.  They work hard to stay gorgeous and were seriously lapping us on our run.   Luxembourg gardens we've been to a lot, probably because its so close to our hotel but you still see new stuff all the time (see video).     Jardin des Plantes (first two pictures) was still beautiful but slightly less inspiring than Luxembourg.   Its a botanical garden.  It seemed a bit weathered round the edges, but some do like that kind of a feel.  Kew Botanical Gardens in London is far more well kept than Jardin des Plantes, but that's ok.  The French could take the Brits in the food dept. any day.


drx said...

fantastic photos!

always inspiring =)

christine said...

Thank YOU!