Pirates in Greenwich: Final Chapter

There's not many pictures this post I'm afraid (the ones above are from the weekend).  They've started filming (um....FINALLY) and the Naval College is practically boarded up in every possible way.   The places where you can watch a bit of filming, there's guards there that would rather carve your heart out with a spoon than let you snap one little picture for posterity.  I can understand it though once you start actual filming there's a real issue with copyright where before little pics here and there aren't that big of a deal cause they are completely out of context of the story, yada yada.  

I can tell you I did see lots of people in period costume standing around today (I think that happens on sets)....including soldiers and horses w/carriages and people in wigs.  No Johnny D. though although he was most likely in the midst of the bazillion of extras I saw.  What they are doing with all the props I've seen over the last week, well it beats me.  I'll just have to go see the film now to find out.    I believe Pirates of the Caribbean 4 comes out May 2011---should be great fun.  

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my little series of Pirates in Greenwich.  These are the last pictures I'll be posting relating to anything Pirate related.  Please remember to not use my pictures without properly crediting each one (including a link back here).  Thanks for understanding.

Here's more pictures:

Pirates in Greenwich:  Part Deux
Pirates in Greenwich

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